Globale Skolepartnerskaber samarbejder med en lang række danske og udenlandske organisationer om at styrke global uddannelse og etablere skolepartnerskaber på tværs af verdensdele. Vores faste partnere omfatter blandt andre:

Amani Kibera, Kenya
Amani Kibera is a non-profit, grassroots organization situated in Mashimoni village of the Nairobi Kibera slums in Kenya. The organization uses integrated actions to improve the conditions of the Kibera community through facilitating initiatives and partnerships that promote peaceful co-existence, health, education, and livelihood opportunities for children, youth and other marginalized groups.
Global Dimensions Africa, Uganda
Global Dimensions Africa promotes best practices, Development and Excellence in Education, Capacity Building, Project Planning and Management.
Tamer Institute for Community Education, Palæstina
A Palestinian non-profit non-governmental organization founded in 1989. Mission: To encourage and deepen opportunities of learning among children, young adults and groups which work with them.
Det Danske Hus i Palæstina (DHIP)
DHIP aims to present a different Palestinian reality to the Danish public and bring Danes and Palestinians together through hands-on exchange and cooperation.